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Bee My Honey ($25)

Bee My Honey ($25)

Honey Covered Walnuts ($14)

This MI honey added with walnuts has a "bee"licious flavor making it ideal to eat as a topping for ice cream, in oatmeal, over brie cheese, or just enjoy straight from the jar.

100% pure raw wildflower honey paired with raw walnuts is a healthy, simple, delicious treat.

Double Filled Honey Hard Candy ($5.50)

Sweet Bee Double-Filled Honey hard candies give you a sweet taste of all-natural honey with each piece. This special treat will send you straight to the beehive, with a delicious center of honey in each piece.

Beehive Honey Licorice ($5.50)

Sweet Bee Beehive Honey Licorice is an authentic black licorice treat crafted in the Netherlands with real honey and a touch of salt. This candy is in the shape of a beehive and has imprints of an actual bee!

Enjoy a sweet treat today, it's absolutely "bee"-licious!

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